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Do you have a CatGenie?


Then you need a VirtualCartridge!

"The CatGenie cartridge reset device"




VirtualCartridge is a cartridge emulator that puts you back in control over your CatGenie 120 and 120+ by making it thinks it has a full cartridge.

After 120 cycle you can reset with just one button and use your CatGenie forever without a cartridge.

This module doesn't support CatGenie 60 & AI version!

How it works?


VirtualCartridge is a drop-in replacement for the cartridge tag reader in your CatGenie. It simulates the presence of the both the original tag reader and the tag on the cartridge. This simulated cartridge is called a virtual cartridge. This enables you to repair your CatGenie in case the original tag reader breaks down, or to remain using your CatGenie in case the supplier goes out of business, as was the case with the LitterFree box. 



And you don't need to be a genius to install VirtualCartridge either. Anybody who knows at which end to hold a screwdriver and is not afraid to use it can install VirtualCartridge on their CatGenie. Just watch this instruction video:



Installing this component involves opening the processing unit of your CatGenie. It directly connects to the internal low-voltage electronic circuits of your CatGenie. In a very far-fetched short circuit situation it is theoretically possible that the exposed conductors on the VirtualCartridge will carry live mains voltage. Since I have no influence on how well or careful VirtualCartridge, is installed I can take no responsibility whatsoever for any resulting damage or injuries of installing VirtualCartridge. In other words: Installing VirtualCartridge and any resulting damage by installing or using it is completely at your own risk. By buying this component you agree to that.



That's simple: This hand assembled device comes with a one year warranty. If it's defective, unable to do what it's supposed to do, and it's not caused by mis-handling, I will repair it or replace it for free. However, you do have to pay for shipment back and forth. 
I have to make one exception for warranty: I cannot guarantee this VirtualCartridge to work with future CatGenies.
If you have just purchased VirtualCartridge and it doesn't work with your current CatGenie, we will help you getting it to work. If we can't, we will offer you to send it back for a refund of the purchasing price (not including shipment).

Ordering & Shipping


For bulk purchases please contact with us. It is free Economy International Shipping. Estimated delivery within 15-40 days. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to:

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How it works?

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